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I'd be Karalynn. / #Stelena shipper, OBVI. Hot Stelena sex makes my ovaries explode. If i could I'd marry both Paul & Nina. Yuss , I'd go Bisexual for nina<3 Delena is just an irrational fantasy , and it's a stupid excuse for a ship. I love spoiler. I mean really , who wants to wait a week? Thursdays make my whole week worth it. Like, fuck , who needs Fridays when you have Thursdays? ANYWAYS. Go follow me on twitter, and your life will be complete. YOU'RE ALL BEAUTIFUL, DONT LET ANYONE TELL YOU DIFFERENT. && your flaws define you, so show them off to the world <3
--Rest In Peace Daddy & Danny , i miss & love you both so much .
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Anonymous said: Do you follow back TVD blogs?

If they ship Delena, no. 

But other than that, yes. (:

February 5th, 2012 14:45 PM

HiHi. c:

So i made a new blog, it’ll be my……. 5th blog :p

Well i’d really appriciate it if youd follow it.


Thanks so much, much love, xoxoxo <3

forever-stelena ; ASDFGHJKL<3

i think my eyes just had an orgasm . o.o

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Future Stelena Moments . <3

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Absolutley Stunning.

Absolutley Stunning.

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It’s as if he knew this would be the last time he’d ever hold her.